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Everything on our site is for personal use only.

You may not use anything on our site for commercial purposes. This includes but is not limited to: selling the printed product, selling the file, modifying our designs and using them in a product that you sell, modifying our designs and using them in a file that you sell, modifying our designs and using them in a file that you give away for free, and uploading our files to any other site.

If you use purchase a tube animation and it's to be the main focus of your tag, please look within folder/files TOU to see the correct artist name for copyright, which should read as follows:

©Artist Name -

Your License Number (KD-XXXX)

Animation(s) by Kiya Designs

You must have a store license for such tags. Please email customer service - - to get one.


If tube used is promoted as being FTU (Free to Use), you must use the license number: KD-FREE in your creations.

When you purchase a tube or set you will be allowed use of Kiya Designs artwork (Tubes) 
for signature tags and a unique identification number, so long as you observe these simple guidelines.

Graphics are intended for individual use only in the creation of

signature tags,
email stationary,
forum sets.


Graphics are not to be used for banners / headers or commercial usage whatsoever.
Graphics are not to be used for digital or non-digital scrap booking.
Graphics are not to be printed.
Graphics are not to be in used for crafting.
Graphics are not to be shared, traded, sold or bartered.

Graphics can be colorized or grayscaled.
They may be reflected as in a mirror or in water.
Graphics are not to be used for web sets.

All tags must include your user ID number and a link back to

Copyright belongs to the artist Kiya Designs. Should you suspect improper use of these designs contact customer care. 


When you purchase a tube, you will receive an email with your unique license number.

This license must be visible in all things created with the tube(s) purchased.

If you have not received anything within 48 hours, please send email to to put in a request.


All tags/sets created with a tube must have the following copyright information:

©Kiya Designs - - KD-YOURLICENSE#

If using AI-Generated Tubes, please use the following copyright information:

AIAart created by Kiya Designs - KD-YOURLICENSE#

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