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  • How do I make use of animations?
    Animations can be used to add life to any digital product; these are especially designed for taggers – hobbyists who create digital scrap book pages and the such. You must have working knowledge of how the graphic program and animations work. However, there are many available tutorials (links also included in the zip file you download) such as Gwils Creations and Rene Tutorials, to help you get started.
  • What programs do I use for animations?
    You can use either Adobe Photoshop or Corel Paint Shop Pro and Jasc Animation Shop. However, the MNG file can only be used in Animation Shop.
  • How do I get a tube license?
    Once you make a purchase, you will receive an email giving you a unique license number to be used on all your tags/creations. If you have not received anything within 48 hours, please contact customer service - including your order number - at
  • Do I need a license to use your animations?
    It is not necessary to get a unique license if using only regular animations. However, you should give credit using this: Animation by Kiya Designs ​ If you are using any tube animation as the main tube for your design, you must have a store license. Your copyright info should read as such: (c) Artist Name - Your License Number (KD-XXXX) Animation by Kiya Designs
  • What is the correct copyright to use?
    You must use: ©Kiya Designs - KD-YourLicense# For AI-Generated Tubes, you must use: AIArt created by Kiya Designs KD-YourLicense# ​For free tubes, the copyright should be as such: ​ ©Kiya Designs - KD-FREE
  • How do I get my bonus pack?
    You must email customer service – - with invoice number to claim your bonus pack. Allow for 48 hours of delivery link to your inbox.
  • I lost all my files and I cannot download them from the site again. How do I recover them?
    Once you have made your purchase, you have 30 days to access your links. Please endeavor to save them in as many places as possible. Exceptions can be made and files resent to you one time only. However, since animation files are often quite large, and if you made quite a lot of purchases over time, we will be unable to send all those files to you again.
  • Do you give refunds on purchases?
    We do not give refunds or charge backs on: Digital Downloads/Products Personalized Items Sale Items ​ If there is an issue or repeat purchase, please contact Customer Service, and we will be happy to fix or replace the product for you.
  • Can I colorize or grayscale your tubes?
    Yes, you can. Each tube pack comes with terms of use on what you can and cannot do with the tubes purchased.
  • Can I sell your tubes or use them in pre-made blog sets for sale?
    No, tubes cannot be sold or resold in any format. They cannot be used for commercial purposes at this time.
  • Can I use your tubes with another from a different store in the same tag/design?
    No, you cannot use two different tubes from different stores on the same tag/design. You can use two or more different tubes on a tag or design as long as they were purchased from my store. ​
  • Do you make use of AI art/design?
    Any and all items that make use of completely AI have their special category. All AI products come from reliable sites and with proper licensing. NightCafe Midjourney ​
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